Fylde MicroMigrations & Upgrades

Your business need for continuous communications is paramount. Our experience and engineering skills keep your network alive and moving forward.

Our Services:

Migration to DMR Tier III and IP for Fylde Micro's TSC03 based systems

Tranzmit's aim is to help you maximise the life span of your Fylde Trunking system and provide cost effective migration to new technologies with seamless connection between existing and new equipment.

Tranzmit's TranzTrunk product is designed to provide the following:

Transition Management

The fundamental need of all our customers is continuous communications, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. No exceptions. Tranzmit fully understand the long reaching implications of any network outage and the potential long term damage to your business.

With this front of mind we plan every detail of your system upgrade or expansion. We combine our vast knowledge of legacy systems with our thorough understanding of our own, in-house designed, TranzTrunk hardware to ensure all aspects of the transition are within our control. For your staff we offer training packages and support packages including on site and remote diagnostics.


We can source new and used legacy Fylde Micro equipment letting you get on with your business, secure in the knowledge that you are able to keep your system up and running, even without factory support. This includes PCM Switch cards both E1T1 and 4 Port Cards, Regional Control Processors, System Control Interfaces, TSC03 cards and most other hardware associated to this series of hardware. We are also able to source Multi-Lingo hardware for small expansions and for replacements. We can provide hardware to support all the three supported protocols, DMR, dPMR and MPT1327.

Bespoke Solutions

To complement our Migrations, Upgrades and Expansions services we provide custom software and hardware. Examples of this include; hardware design to encrypt and decrypt voice and data to a legacy recorder system and the design of a numbering scheme translation for cross protocol working. From large scale to small scale we can provide solution as simple or complex as the situation requires.

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